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#1 Landed not London

This creative agency coming to the land of www in the 21st century when Prince Will and Kate announce their engagement. A bunch of creative people are sitting on their own spinning chair and working together with different craftsmanship. Some of them are busy pinning some printed images on corkboards, while the other some are typing unusual word like “<a href=”, and the others are checking mailbox from awesome believer or yeah, let’s just call her ‘Isabella’ that always moves her mouse right-left and upside-down

Awesomeness didn’t stop there, we also get our daily booster that is made from …

▲verage not Avengers

Johan – Chief Everything Officer

Greetings from a sultry, stifling midday! I’m sure to point out that we never call our portfolio as work. Instead, we call it an “awesome sequel” or something equally frivolous. Because our believer don’t care whether or not there’s coffee beans inside the grinder or ashtray in the meeting room. What they care about is having their story out there in the world, told in an awesome way. So that’s what we’re up to. In short: Something Above the umbrella, the coffee cup, annabelle boxes, cumulonimbus, ironic mustaches, people on bikes, 160 floors, Average.